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A designer out of Connecticut, Nick is a collector of vintage electronics. He has a certain affinity towards keyboards. Studying to complete his Electrical Engineering degree, he has always been a tinkerer. He always tries to figure out how something was made, and always tries to find ways to improve on the ideas.

Nick Kazoos

Founder of Kazoos & Co.
Lead Designer

Here at Kazoos & Co., we make creative products that play off of nostalgia, bringing those ideas into a new light. We love to play with new processes and bring new ideas into each product.

Modern F Keyboard

Modern F

Inspired by the IBM Model F, this 60% keyboard is launching in the first half of 2022.



Scout accessories like cupholders, keychains, clips and more!

TK Numberpad

The TK

Inspired by the IBM Model M, this numberpad is for those that just don't have enough keys on their 60% keyboard or below. Expected early 2022.

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IBM Sleeper

Just wait till you see how fast 1981 is about to get. Performance that they couldn't even imagine.

Tuba 14.png

The Grandmaster

A Chess-themed keyboard, K&Co. Collaborates with KeebsForAll to deliver this high-end board (late 2022)



Need something specific? Looking for a cheaper solution? We can work with you to find a tailored fit.

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