When is the group buy?

TLDR: Currently in prototyping,
looking at Q1 2021
Keyboard is currently in prototyping stages. 3D Printed cases are ready to go, small changes need to made for final versions, but overall design is done.
I'm working to order my first aluminum prototype and have it arrive by the end of the year. Working to get colors and finishes finalized may take a few weeks.
After that, all that's left is packaging and finalizing logistics. 

Is there limited quantity?

TLDR: No limits - we will be producing as many as we sell
There are no limits! We will be producing as many as we sell (with a few extras). The trade off is that there will be a wait. This is not an in-stock item, we will start manufacturing after the sale ends. Expect a couple months wait for the keyboard.

I want another layout that isn't supported

TLDR: We will be releasing step files for the plates
Before launch of the Modern F - we will be releasing the step files of the plate. The plate will need to be CNC machined as the original hex screws are tapered to sit flush. If you would like to also get new hardware, the plate can be laser cut.