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When is the group buy?

TLDR: Currently in prototyping,
looking at Q2-Q3 2022
Currently getting the final details behind the scenes figured out. Finalizing manufacturers / companies / prices that will be final.

After that a friends and family sale for 6 units will be run. There will 2 Off White units, 2 Clear Anodize, 1 Industrial Gray, and one custom powdercoat for a friend. These boards will have a numbered weight, and a concealed Nick Kazoos signature. I will be sending the boards out to reviewers to build before they ship out to customers.

In about 2-3 months time (sorry about the delays, we're trying to make sure all our ducks are in a row before we take anyone's money), I will be running the group buy. I aim to have them shipped out late this year / early next year to customers. 3D printed cases will ship out a bit faster.

Is there limited quantity?

TLDR: No limits - we will be producing as many as we sell
There are no limits! We will be producing as many as we sell (with a few extras). The trade off is that there will be a wait. This is not an in-stock item, we will start manufacturing after the sale ends. Expect a couple months wait for the keyboard.

I want another layout that isn't supported

TLDR: We will be releasing step files for the plates
Before launch of the Modern F - we will be releasing the step files of the plate. The plate will need to be CNC machined as the original hex screws are tapered to sit flush. If you would like to also get new hardware, the plate can be laser cut.


TLDR: Currently in pre-production. Will have 25 units available for the first run
The TK is currently in pre-production as we get the final details together. Hardware, colors available, and packaging all need to be finalized.

The first run of TK Numberpads will have 25 units in stock, we are not sure if it will be FCFS or raffle type entry quite yet, but it will retail at $110, with extra 3D printed parts available for those 25 customers as well.

If you don't get in for the first 25 units, don't fret! Kazoos & Co. will be keeping the TK in-stock moving foward, so kee your eyes peeled for future orders!

Is there still a wait?

TLDR: Yes, but should only be 2-3 weeks until the board is delivered
Although the TK Numberpad will be in-stock, because of the number of combinations of color choices - we will be making the cases to order. This means that each case will be printed after the order has been placed for it.

With a total printing time of 20 hours per TK, we expect to be able to get all 25 units out the door in 2-3 weeks time. 

I want another color for my TK

TLDR: Message us! We are willing to work with you for custom pricing
If you would like to request a customer color for your TK, shoot us an email at support@kazoosco.comWe can work with you to find filament you like and get it ordered for you. The possibilities are endless! 
Modern F
modern F extended.png
The TK
TK Half Cut.png

Where can I follow the project?

TLDR: Check out KeebsForAll, they have all the details on their site
For updates on this project and to provide feedback, please check the #grandmaster channel in KFA Discord Server, and join the waitlist on their website - here

You can join KFA Discord Server here:

When is the Grandmaster launching?

TLDR: Currently in Pre-IC, working on final details of design, then going into prototyping
The Grandmaster is currently in Pre-IC Stages. This means that we are finishing up the final details of the design, and we will be moving forward with prototyping soon.

After we have a solid prototype, we will post an Interest Check with more solid details on the project, including more final pricing and a timeline for the project. 

We are hoping to launch the group buy by the end of the year.
The Grandmaster
The GM Logo.png
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