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Modern F Aluminum Case
  • Modern F Aluminum Case

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    A classy take on the original, the Modern F is here! This keyboard is a statement on any IBM fan's desk. The aluminum version comes in three color variations - IBM's signature Off White, Industrial Gray, or Clear Anodizing. Featuring a top-mount design and 6.2° typing angle for just the right amount of tilt. More info coming soon!

    • Technical Specifications

      Made of powder-coated 6061 Aluminum and gold-plated C360 Brass, the Modern F  case comes in at a whopping 7.46lbs (3.387kg). 


      Supports all universal 60% PCBs. Layouts supported: ANSI, ISO, TSANGAN, and DZ60 (2.25u left shift). 


      The 6.2° typing angle allows for an ergonomic typing angle that isn't hard to get used to. 

    • Finishes

      IBM Off White: This finish is achieved by powder-coating the keyboard in a bumpy texture to mimic the original's paint on plastic. Rigorous testing has been done to match the original color.


      IBM Industrial Gray: Looking for something to match GMK ASCII? Similar to the off-white, this finish is a bumpy powder-coat. 


      Clear Anodizing: Want to show off those pretty machining marks? Clear anodizing is the perfect finish to protect the keyboard while also showing off its original beauty. 

    • Mounting System

      The Modern F is a top-mount case. This means that the plate screws into the top half of the case, then the top is screwed into the bottom case, securing the whole assembly together. 


      The top case also allows for space for "burger mounting." This is when rubber spacers are placed in-between the case and the plate. This does affect the sound of the keyboard and gives it a bit more isolation from the case. 

    • What's Included

      Aluminum Top and Bottom Case


      Gold-Plated Brass Badge and Weight


      Gold-Plated Brass Plate of User's Choice


      4x M5x10mm Hex Screws for Badge and Weight


      6x M3x6mm Hex Screws for Plate


      8x M3x12mm Hex Screws for Case

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