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Plain60 PCB with 10u Support
  • Plain60 PCB with 10u Support

    Excluding Sales Tax

    Big thanks to KeyboardEvy for the Plain60 and the wonderful design. Thanks to Koobaczech to modifying it for 10u and the Modern F. Go check them out, they are great designers!


    Introducing the Plain60 with 10u support. 


    Compatible with 6.25u, 7u and 8u stab wires for ultimate flexibility in your bottom row. Attached is all the compatible layouts.


    The PCB should be compatible with all non-tray mount cases. Some plates may need modification to fit the 10u, or a new plate all together if not using with a Modern F. Feel free to message me on Discord if you have any questions (Nick Kazoos#8783). 


    The board will come flashed with the default layout in QMK for the Plain60. Each PCB will also be tested for shorts / faulty connections before shipping. 

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