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TK Numberpad
  • TK Numberpad

    Excluding Sales Tax

    Ever used a 60% or smaller and wondered where all of your keys went? Or simply wanted a removeable numpad with everything, looks included?

    Introducing The TK, a Model M inspired numpad with a hotswap, 46 key layout. Available in 3D printed cases in the next couple months.

    Top Body Color
    Bottom Body Color
    Curved Insert Color
    Badge Color
    Feet Color
    Daughterboard Sled Color
    • Technical Specifications

      Hotswap 46-key number-pad, reprogrammable thru QMK & VIA, designed by Elliot at


      The 6.5° typing angle with additional 3° flip out feet allow for large angle adjustments available.


      3D printed out of PLA in-house, the TK takes about 20hrs of printing to complete each order. Each board is completely unique with 720 possible combinations - just for this first run of 25 units.

    • Colors Available at Launch

      Tentatively going to be offering Off White, Granite (White with Black Speckle), Black, Light Teal, Silver and Gold as the colors available for options.  Each 3D printed component will be able to be customized with whatever color the buyer wants.


      If you'd like a different color than what's available, shoot us an email at, and we can work with you for custom pricing.


      These are only the colors available for the first 25 units, but there will be more options for the next runs of the TK - so stay tuned!

    • Mounting System

      The TK features a bottom mount system, with an FR4 plate included.


      The daughterboard is mounted onto a 3D printed 'sled,' which is slid into the top case and screwed in place with a retaining screw.

    • What's Included

      3D Printed Parts (All in Color of Buyer's Choice)

      - Top Case (Pre-prepared with brass heat-set inserts)

      - Curved Insert

      - Bottom Case (Pre-prepared with brass heat-set inserts)

      - TK Badge (Pre-prepared with brass heat-set inserts)

      - Daughterboard Sled

      - Flip-Out Feet


      Other Hardware

      - Bottom Mount FR4 Plate (Black)

      - QMK / VIA Compatible PCB designed by Elliot at

      - All Hardware included, including cork dot feet and manufacturing sticker

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