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How to Flash Firmware: The TK

In this guide we will learn how to remap the keys on your TK numberpad to be able to do anything you might want to do. In this guide, we will be using VIA software to reprogram and flash The TK.

First Steps: VIA Install

There are two ways we can use VIA for The TK, through a Chromium-based web browser, or to download the application.

  1. Desktop Application: You can download the desktop application here. Install the application in your desired location. The benefit of the app is that it can be used offline, but will not receive updates unless redownloaded.

  2. Web Application: You can use the web app on this site. The site can only be used on Chromium-based web browsers. The browser also has to be up to date, as older versions of these browsers didn't support HID-passthrough.

Second Step: Downloading the Required JSON File to Remap

Third Step: Using VIA

Are you curious about how to build your new TK? Here's a build guide on how to assemble.


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