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Retro design done right.

modern F extended.png
Coming soon to a desk near you.
Modern F Overview
Exploded with switches and PCB zoomed in

Introducing the Modern F - a take on a classic.

Featuring top mount case design with space for burger mount. 

6.2° typing angle for just the right amount of tilt.

Weighing in at 7.46lbs (3.387kg).

A mammoth just like the original.

Modern F Assembled Diagram Off White BG.
Introducing The TK, a Model M inspired numpad with a hotswap, 46 key layout. Available in 3D printed cases in the next couple months.

Check out the Geekhack IC to follow the project or fill out the Interest Form here.
For when your 60% is missing some keys.
The TK

An endgame board designed in collaboration with KeebsForAll.

The Grandmaster

The Grandmaster was inspired by the high-end Chess sets used in the FIDE World Championships.

From the complex front inlay, to the interlocking checkerboard weight, the GM has been meticulously designed around this core concept. 

Without the help of KeebsForAll, this project wouldn't have been possible, so please check out The Grandmaster on their site, and join the waitlist here.


Materials: Aluminum 6063, Brass C260, and TBD Wood
Plate Options: Bottom Mount Aluminum 6063 or FR4
Typing Angle:  6.2 degrees
Includes: Top & Bottom Case, Interlocking Checkerboard Weight, Top Accent (which includes the Brass Inlay, Aluminum accents, and Wood Pieces), PCB & Daughterboard, Screws & Silicone Feet

Supported Layouts:
Grandmaster Layout Options.PNG


 plain60 10u 

Plain60 Cutout_edited.png

Designed by KeyboardEvy and modified by Koobaczech to fit 10u

  • 6.25u, 7u and 8u stab wires cutouts for ultimate flexibility in your bottom row

  • Compatible with all non-tray mount cases, including those with daughterboards

  • QMK Ready - flashed and hand tested for shorts / faults before shipping, guaranteed

  • Perfect add-on for the Modern F - completely compatible with the 10u plate

Supported Layouts:
Plain60 PCB Layout.PNG
Plain60 PCB

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